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The Falcon tunic

The Syrian Tunic


Leopard Skins


Gloves and Guards

Scale Armour



Sails, tunics and leopard skins types of textiles

The number of textiles in the tomb was impressive; over 740 garments, shrouds, covers of statues and textile objects like quivers and sails of boats models were found. Probably quite a few of textiles were stolen during the looting of the tomb, shortly after the burial. This explains the seemingly excessive number of loincloths: precious garments like royal tunics and sashes were taken away by the looters. It was not only the gold decoration of the garments which attracted the robbers. The linen of many tunics and sashes was extremely fine woven. With over fifty threads per centimeter, the decorative pattern of one of the surviving tunics has been described as "painted".


The textiles found in KV 62

137(+5) loincloths
13(+4) tunics
10(+1) sashes
3(+1) wings
1 royal jacket
1 cuirass/leather scale armor
25(+7) shawls
2 hip-wraps
1 nemes
20(+19) khats
2 aprons
4 kilts
6(+2) pair of gloves
2(+2) pair of socks
4(+1) guards/archer’s pads
4+ leopard skins
1 portable pavilion
1 large pall
6 shrouds
2 quivers
4 hassocks
1 cushion
1(+1) bags
1 horse housing
3 sails of boat models
106 wrappings and covers of statues and other objects
316 rolls, masses of decayed cloth, box linings, chariot linings (x)=number of uncertain identifications