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The Falcon Tunic

The Syrian Tunic


Leopard skins


Gloves and Guards

Scale Armour




The Textiles

Hundreds of garments and other textiles were found inside the tomb of Tutankhamun. Beside simple rolls of cloth and plain tunics, the tomb produced elaborate garments, sometimes decorated with fayence and gold. This collection of textiles is the only surviving royal wardrobe of the pharaonic period.

The Tutankhamun Textiles & Clothing Project

Howard Carter was aware of the importance of the textiles of Tutankhamun, but in the years after the discovery of the tomb in 1922 he never found time to make a detailed study. During ten years the tomb was gradually cleared and notes were made about every object found. In addition to numerous drawings and descriptions in diaries, more than 2500 record cards and over 1500 photographs were made by Carter and his team.

This material provided the basis of a detailed study started in 1993 by a team of the Egyptology department of the Leiden University led by Dr. G.M. Vogelsang-Eastwood, with the support of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.