an approaching sandstorm
The Project
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Landscape directly south of Sikait

Decorated front of the damaged small temple

Research in the Eastern Desert is quite an expensive and physically demanding undertaking: water and food have to be brought in from over 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) away, much of it across drifting sand in which our vehicles often become stuck. Although the team is accustomed to work and living without luxuries for several months, the Eastern Desert combines all uncomfortable properties of a sand- and rock desert. For example, during one survey the team spent three days building a paved stone road to free its truck from a giant sandpit. Vehicles are literary ground down by the harsh desert conditions; some of them have had to be rebuilt completely over the years. Sand storms and dust devils harass our camp, while insects assault us and damage our tents.

As the desert takes its yearly toll on our equipment, we are constantly looking for donors for this project. Individuals or companies that would be interested in making a contribution in cash or kind are invited to contact one of the directors:

Steven E.Sidebotham (USA) : ses@Udel.Edu
Hendrikje M.Nouwens (The Netherlands):