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Bronze "Asiatic" amulet

Bronze arrowheads and scale armor

Extensive surveying and two seasons of excavations resulted in a wealth of details about life in ancient Sikait. Besides a lot of Roman and Egyptian pottery, many sherds of so-called Eastern Desert Ware were unearthed. This pottery indicates the presence of indigenous people in Sikait. The most likely candidates for this are the Blemmyes, the ancestors of the Ababda Bedouin.
The find of many low grade emeralds points to the extensive emerald mining in this area. Bronze arrow heads and scale armor are evidence of the military protection Sikait was provided with. A bronze "Asiatic" looking amulet (maybe from the southern kingdom of Meroë, Sudan) found in the big temple is evidence of contact with distant regions, as is the find of pearls, a Nabatean coin and -pottery and thousands of beads. Jewelry, beads and small locally made toys indicate the presence of women and children at the settlement, at least in the Roman period.

Sikait: recent finds
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