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The partly buried entrance of the small temple

The front with its newly build support

The entrance with the mountain towering above it

Some 300 meters south of the large rock-cut temple is a small one. Like the large temple it is also on the eastern side of the wadi. This small temple was cut out of the rock face some two meters above the wadi floor. It once had a front with three doors, each one adorned with a solar disk with crowned cobras. When Guiseppe Belzoni saw the small rock temple in 1818, the inscription above the entrance was still largely intact. This Roman inscription of the 3rd century AD was probably applied in connection with a reshaping of a centuries older mine shaft, tomb or temple. It is an account of the commissioner, naming the gods the temple was devoted to, and even contains the name of the town:
"…and to our Lady Isis of Senskete (Sikait)…and to Apollo, and to all the other gods enshrined with them…"
Nowadays most of this inscription has been destroyed, as most of the front of this temple has fallen victim to vandalism. To protect the temple against collapse, our project built several supporting structures of local stone in winter 2003.

CONSERVATION: the small temple
administration building
big temple